SymCognition, LLC provides consulting services and solutions that connect business, science, and information technology to enable more confident, data driven decisions.

Our core services are itemized below.

Our offerings are designed to be modular and flexible.  The selection of services, the choice of business applications and workflows, and the scope of consulting, from a minimal advisory role to an extensive hands-on engagement, are all adjustable to meet the client’s needs.

Increasing benefit is obtained when services are coordinated.  For example, the Informatics and IT System Architecture service will either use an existing inventory of technical assets and change management processes or will create one with an Informatics and IT System Assessment.

We are dedicated to partnering with clients to enable more confident, data driven decisions.
  • Bridge business, science, and IT
  • Understand business and science (where applicable)
  • Take the unknown out of IT and Data/Information Management
  • Translate business requirements to IT (functional, budget, time)
  • Translate IT capabilities to business (functional, budget, time)
  • Save businesses time and money by enabling them to quickly and easily find and use their data and information
  • Harmonize business data and information

Clients include:

3-V BioSciences

Standardize and where practical and economical automate business processes.