Designing, implementing, and supporting an information system infrastructure that streamlines business processes and workflows requires consideration of many inputs, including:
  • Buy vs Build – is the information system a commodity?
  • Data Center vs “The Cloud” – how to balance risk, security, cost, and control?
  • Open source vs commercial solutions – how to incorporate functionality, support, and cost in selecting a product?
  • Development/Test/Production/Training Environments – how to  proactively manage information systems with appropriate environments?
  • Support – how to administer, maintain, and trouble shoot information systems, and define and deliver service level agreements (SLA)?
  • Cost – what is the total cost of an information system infrastructure?

Infomatics and IT Systems

Informatics and IT System Architecture services offered by SymCognition, LLC include requirements documentation, solution design, implementation, and support advice. Descriptions of the technical assets and business objectives guide the requirements documentation process.  These descriptions are detailed in the Informatics and IT System Assessment and the Work Process Analysis.  Solution design is driven by the requirements documentation and includes compromise on functionality, cost, and timelines.  Solution implementation follows the design map, and includes any development/customization, installation, integration, testing, production release, and documentation describing these activities.  Support advice includes maintenance, trouble shooting, and service level agreement recommendations.

We bring expertise in Informatics and IT System Architecture, and will partner with clients to design and implement a practical solution that is optimized for their business processes, workflows, and budget.