SymCogntion, LLC provides clients with Informatics and IT consulting services and solutions that enable them to make more confident, data driven decisions.

Organizations and teams are faced with multiple data and information management challenges in the pursuit of achieving their goals and objectives.

  • The amount of raw data and information that organizations create is increasing, but the relative quantity and quality of actionable data and information that is captured and can be used for strategic decision making is decreasing.
  • Data and information capture, analysis, and reporting needs change as an organization matures, moves into new areas, and abandons others.
  • Business processes and workflows are not well documented, increasing the risk that institutional knowledge could be lost when employees change roles, responsibilities, and/or locations.
  • Informatics/IT systems and solutions must be functional, quick to implement, user friendly, easy to support, and cost effective.

SymCognition, LLC provides expertise to address these challenges and enable teams and organizations to effectively manage their data and information and help them achieve their goals and objectives.  Whether providing advice to a start-up or getting hands on with the data and information in a larger organization, SymCognition, LLC partners with clients of any size and in almost any industry to listen, understand,and document their needs and then design effective solutions.

SymCognition, LLC is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and provides Informatics and IT consulting services on a local, national, and global basis.