Does your current information system infrastructure support business processes and workflows by:
Work Process Analysis
  • Delivering higher quality reports – inclusion of relevant information and application of appropriate analysis that facilitates decision making.
  • Increasing user compliance – processes and workflows accommodate the majority of business cases.
  • Delivering greater throughput – selected processes are automated and leverage integration with information.
  • Increasing transparency – processes are well defined and status is visible.
  • Simplifying data entry and reducing errors – systems use  standardized vocabularies, minimize manual data entry, and apply data validation methods.
  • Providing reproducibility – data modifications and analysis steps are saved and re-useable.

SymCognition, LLC uses Work Process Analysis to help clients identify and apply Informatics and IT solutions to streamline business processes and workflows.  Work Process Analysis is the documentation and review of business processes and workflows, with a focus on simplifying the capture and organization of information, standardizing and automating analysis, enhancing reports, and communicating status.

SymCognition, LLC will partner with clients to complete a Work Process Analysis on agreed upon business processes and workflows.  Strengths, weaknesses, and risks are identified and explained.  SymCognition, LLC will either propose practical modifications or develop new processes and workflows to leverage Informatics and IT solutions that save organizations time and money.